Hi well as you can guess I am a very avid car nut and have been working on cars all of my life (so far) started out as a Mini (BMC) Mechanic in Ireland and  for the last 25 years being  working on Ferrari's which I still do, but now mainly just do the spares.

Walsh Shield                            Eddie Walsh                       Walsh Shield

Several years ago started to build my Track Day Car  as you can see in pics a mid engined 2 seater using the good old Astra GTE 2ltr XE engine 150 BHP as std fitted some Bike Throttle Bodies and it was then I realized to get the best from them I would need a re programmable ECU and that was when I came across "Megasquirt" so I got into them and started to Build them and eventually started to sell as well, I use my old Astra 20XE mainly for testing my  Megasquirt's as it is always nicer to make sure it is all working before I send them out to my Customers and as I always say you are welcome to come and see your Megasquirt up and running before you buy.

We also carry out Mods and or repairs on Customers own Megasquirt's whether they have bought from us or not, we get a lot of Customers who have built their own and can not get it to work so they send it to us to check and repair, or if you just want some components to repair your self we can supply as well.


Below are some pics of my Astra 20XE GTE, Mid Engined Track car, and  my 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 which I restored several years ago, not the prettiest Ferrari but a very  nice usable car powered by a  lovely quad cam 3 ltr V8 mounted ahead of the rear wheels, top speed 154 mph and handles just like a Ferrari should. Regards Eddie Walsh



Vauxhall Astra 1990 GTE 2ltr XE Red Top Engine fitted with a Megasquirt 1 V3 Extra fitted with 2 coil drivers so driving a Coil Pack direct, and Fuel Injection.


Same Astra connected to PC showing Megatune tuning screen.



Here are a couple of pics of my mid engined 2 seater track car under construction, using same 20XE engine and gearbox, will have pull rod activated suspension.




Ferrari 1979 308 GT4